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BUNTER! at the disco
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A LONG, LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY .. ok, so maybe it was four or five years ago, and it wasn't exactly a different galaxy; but that's not the point. after many trials and tribulations, journeys, bishounen wars and getting kicked off of "aol survivor," six friends managed to outlast a psycho (along with her ass kissing minion) and her ies to form the best frikkin group online ever: TEH CR3W. they defend against all things evil and saving the world from sucktopia: triple h & batista, brock, shaq and smarterchild. .. nah, honestly? we got too much damn time on our hands. but we're too cool to be sane, y0. don't hate; we're awesome.

( abby / liz / sandii / sam / skye / kristi. )

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